What are Designer Personal Checks?

Designer personal checks work just like any other personal check but “pimped” aesthetically so to speak. Unlike regular checks, these have arbitrary designs printed on them. What kind of designs are we talking about here? The short answer is, the possibilities are endless.

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Anybody who wants to get themselves some great looking designer personal checks are only limited by their imagination.  Narcissistic as it may sound, you can have your FACE printed on every check you issue. Many have done so already just so you know you are not the only one who has thought of this. Doing so even improves the security of your checks since the persons and businesses who receive your designer personal checks can now have a 2-way security check; looking at your signature on the check as well as your elaborately printed face on it. This should take away the fear of losing your signed checkbook and having someone pay to the order of cash an unimaginable amount at your expense.

If you are more imaginative, you can have your favorite cartoon characters, family portraits, favorite sports team, favorite car, animals, random objects, and what have you. Again, whatever your mind can think of, you can have it printed on your designer personal checks.

For businesses, it has been relatively a common practice to have the business logo or business name printed on their checks. This of course adds branding as well as a sense of taste not to mention additional security measures.

How to Get Your Hands on Them Designer Personal Checks

Now that you know you have a choice in giving life to your usual dull looking checks and adding another security measure while you are at it, the chances of you itching to get a hold of them nicer checks are naturally high. Therefore, without further delay, here are some tips for you in getting them:

  1. Call your bank and check if they offer or allow the use of designer personal checks. That’s right. Unfortunately, not all banks allow the use of these checks although their numbers are few and that’s sugar coating it.If your bank does allow the use of these checks, then chances are you      will be told that you can have them printed through them (best option for more savings – at least in most cases since you have goodwill already with your bank and that translates to a bargain price… hopefully) or you will be referred to a third party printing company that they have approved to do so.
  2. Decide on the volume you want printed. As a general rule, the higher the volume, the lesser the cost/check (not the total cost).
  3. Make sure you include necessary personal or business information printed on your designer checks just like what you see on regular checks.
  4. Ask for a mock-up of your check and review everything carefully before giving the “print” order.

For sure there might be a few more details that have been missed on this article but this should be more than enough to give you an idea of what these checks are and how you can get your hands on them.

For more information, you can always check designer personal checks and don’t hesitate to make contact.

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