Teachers Insurance-Public Versus Private Insurance

The majority of teachers never think about getting a professional liability insurance policy. The reason is simple: the public school system typically takes care of such matters. On the other hand, if you will be making the move to the private sector, then teachers’ insurance is an absolute must. Even if you remain in the public schools, it’s smart to check into your existing policy to see exactly what it covers.

Private Insurance

It’s no secret that being a teacher means you are putting yourself at risk every day because you’re interacting with other people’s children. Unfortunately, in today’s world too many parents are willing to sue a teacher instead of talking to them. It can be for the silliest little thing, and it’s often something that could have been worked out with a simple, adult conversation. Even worse is that even the hint of wrongdoing on your part–justified or not–could be enough to ruin your career.

Professional liability, or teachers’ insurance can protect you when you cross paths with a sue-happy parent that is only looking for a big payout. The premium of such a policy is small when you compare it to the potential for loss, and that’s not to mention the peace of mind you will get from knowing you are insured.

As mentioned earlier, most school districts have some sort of legal insurance for their teachers (either through the district or the union). This will typically cover legal expenses, which could add up quickly if you didn’t have coverage. However, you should still see how much coverage you have, and then consider adding more if you think your current policy is lacking.

Private schools are an entirely different matter. While some may include teachers’ insurance in their full compensation plan, you shouldn’t assume that you’re covered. For example, you may have to be employed for a semester, or even a full school year before the insurance kicks in. If the school does not offer it, then you may be able to negotiate having a policy as part of your benefits package. If the school simply will not provide it, then you will have to get a policy of your own. No matter how you get it, it’s important that you have some sort of professional protection in place.

You should shop around if you have to get your own professional liability insurance. Not all policies are created equal, so you need to look carefully at what’s covered and what isn’t. Also, your budget is certainly a concern, but you should never choose an insurance policy based on cost alone. There are too many variables that can have an effect on the price for you to not look at it carefully. Of course, if you are sure you’re going to get enough coverage then price can be a factor; just not the sole factor. After all, saving money on premiums doesn’t mean much if you find out the coverage is inferior when you need it most.

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