5 Rules You Must Know To Get Started Investing In The Stock Market

Have you finally made the decision to start investing some of your assets so that you can fund your son’s college education, your daughter’s wedding, your own retirement, and all the other important things of life?

If so, you may be hesitant about getting into the stock market, especially with the current news always painting such a glum picture of our current economy.  Still in all, it just makes sense to put some of that money that you worked so hard for to work for you for a change, and one of the ways to do that is to invest in the NYSE or NASDAQ, but if you have never gone down that path before, chances are you are concerned about how to get started investing in the stock market; this is normal apprehension, since some amount of trepidation generally arises when you are confronting the unfamiliar.

Stock Market

However, it is not as difficult or daunting as it may seem; here are 5 rules you must know to get started investing in the stock market correctly:

  1. Do a little research by reading up on how the market works and also observe the world around you to see what kinds of companies you think will make a profit or whose ideas and concepts and marketing strategies you like.
  2. Turn to a trusted friend, advisor, family member, or other layperson who knows a bit about stocks and how they work.  Ask for advice and have discussions with your “investment buddy”. Take a good look at your present finances and decide how much money you have to invest, how long you can go without having to spend this money, and how comfortable you are with risk.
  3. Find the right stockbroker.  There are budget brokerage houses and sites available online, and they can be very inexpensive to use, with very little expenditure in commissions or fees, but if you feel safer and more confident turning to a professional broker who will be there for you whenever you need him/her, there is nothing wrong with that either.
  4. Start small.  Discuss your circumstances with your broker and formulate a plan of action based on your goals, desires, and expected outcome.
  5. Diversify your holdings.  There is no doubt that there seems to be a new electronic or computerized product put on the market every day, but that does not necessarily mean you should put all your money into technology stocks.  Putting all your eggs in one basket has never been sound advice, and it never will be.

Although today’s economy has many folks backing away from investments, and especially hedging away from the stock market, there is one thing that is certain. There has been no other single investment opportunity that has produced more wealth than the stock market, especially for those willing to invest for the long haul.  Now may be just the time to try your hand at making a decent return on your money, as there are many stocks available that will allow you to ”buy low” which is, of course, the first half of the basic rule of investing your money wisely.

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